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Why Home Based Physio Exercises Often Fail To Work

The other day I met with a family friend who mentioned over a cup of tea that he had an ongoing sore hip. I asked if he had been to a Physio? He said yes, 'they sent me home with exercises to do and they didn't seem to help so I gave up'. Although I didn't really want to hear that Physio failed him, I knew it wouldn't be the last time I heard this said. I have learnt from this old fashioned model and it is time to change it.

Education (How and Why)

Often the Physio runs out of time to explain a very important message - why you are doing a particular exercise, why and how your injury occurred, and how the exercise is going to get it better. So you are sent home with exercises that you already forgot how to do when you left the clinic... right?

Adherence (When and Where)

When are you actually going to get time to do these exercises? You get home from a long day at work, hungry, tired, and just want to relax. The last thing you want to do is a tedious exercise that you are unsure of it actually helping. Perhaps you have been attempting the exercise and after a week nothing has changed. The next question is where shall these exercises take place - in front of the TV? These are just some of the reasons why exercise adherence is low.

The time frame to getting better

It's often not explained that it takes approximately 4-6 weeks to start gaining strength and for you to notice that your strength is improving. In the first few weeks your brain needs to neurally adapt and wake up the musculature needing to be rehabilitated.

How is Chris Batten Physio going to change this old fashioned model of home exercises?

I want my patient's to get results and walk away saying that 'Physio really helped me'. The research shows that 2-3 times of Physio-rehab training per week is sufficient. I have started by offering one on one Physio-rehab at home or at your gym.

If you are ready to commit to getting better click here for a full educational assessment followed by a rehabilitation session.


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