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Chris Batten

BHSc Physiotherapy MPNZ NZRP
ACC Registered / Southern Cross Registered

Chris Batten has a bachelor of health science in physiotherapy and a diploma in remedial massage therapy. His focus areas of physiotherapy are musculoskeletal injury treatment, and strength rehabilitation. 

Chris has a clinical interest in the treatment of shoulder disorders and back pain. He is a research based practitioner and applies the latest research in all aspects of physiotherapy. Chris is sincerely empathetic, a great listener, and has an eagerness to help. His treatments are based firstly around assessment and diagnosis, followed by education, hands on therapy, and strength rehabilitation.


Outside of the clinic, Chris was previously a competitive swimmer, with reaching podium finishes in several of the countries ocean swims. He has competed in sprint, olympic and ironman distance triathlons. He has also had one amateur kickboxing fight and one amateur boxing fight. He likes to give everything a go and live life to it's fullest. He was even once a free-diving double for a famous actor! For now, he keeps active with strength training, hiking, mountain biking, swimming, surfing and free-diving.

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How Can Physiotherapy Help?

Physiotherapy is a scientifically researched medical profession, proven to help you recover from injury or pain. University degree trained Physio's have strict requirements to be up to date with the latest research in order to uphold their practicing certificates. Physio's are ACC registered. We can process your ACC claim in the clinic and refer for X-ray or ultrasound if required. 

My Philosophy

I believe that for every injury, there is an underlying cause.
To diagnose, educate and treat requires a personable non-rushed manner.

If you understand the mechanism of your injury, you will understand the treatment process. To me, physiotherapy should incorporate treatment and education which involve strategies that highlight prevention and self maintenance.

My Journey

Previous to being a Physio, I was a mechanic. I left high school at 17 and did my trade certificate in automotive engineering. I grew up on a farm, so fixing things was common practice.

I enjoyed getting things working again and therefore being a mechanic was my calling. At about 6 years into my mechanics career, I suffered a severe back injury when lifting heavy equipment. I had protruded my L5/S1 vertebral disc with an annular tear. This injury left me in chronic pain for 3 years. During those three years I tried every form of therapy I could find, and really went around in circles trying to find a fix.


Of most benefit to me was massage. So much so that I quit my mechanics career and studied a diploma in therapeutic massage therapy. Being a student again was great and I loved learning about the human body. I was so intrigued to learn more at a deeper level, and I wanted a career that helped others so I signed up for my physiotherapy degree at Auckland University of Technology.


I completed my Four years of my degree and did an extra year of study on human movement and anatomy, a total of 5 years. Of most value about study was the fact that I learnt how to fix myself. Being in pain for so long made me pretty humble, giving me complete empathy for others that experience pain.

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