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4 Ways To Help Arthritis

Osteo-Arthritis (OA) is a degenerative condition that involves a gradual breakdown of the smooth cartilage at the ends of our bones.

OA affects us all differently, some of us don't even know we have it and the severity of OA isn't always relative to pain. For the majority, OA is manageable and here are 4 ways in which to manage this condition.



Physical activity is recommended. Research has shown that common forms of exercise such as walking, running and cycling are not associated with the progression of OA and therefore are safe to do.

In addition to improving cardiovascular and mental health, exercise has shown to have an analgesic (pain relieving) affect.


Watching your bodyweight

It is a simple science, reducing bodyweight will take load off the most common joints to be affected by OA - the knee, hip and spine.

Reducing body weight usually comes hand in hand with good nutrition which will further benefit you.


Strength and Conditioning

Getting in some weight training is a really good way to maintain some muscle mass to support your joints. It is known that as we age our muscle bulk decreases naturally. Getting some professional help to select personalised exercises and weight ranges is recommended.


Treatment and professional advice

Not sure where to start? Perhaps your OA is affecting you more than you'd like?

If this sounds like you, please do book in a consultation to talk it through and put together a plan.

Have an active day!

Chris Batten Physio


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